We love soccer and we love tequila, hence DELANTERO tequila was born

el delantero [delanˈteɾo]: the forward / the striker / the attacker

The Spirit of Champions

Message from the Founder

I could make up a story that one morning I woke up and had a vision to create my own tequila brand because I couldn’t find the one that I liked. But the truth is, I recognized a tremendous opportunity that morning – the chance to create a brand meaningful for people worldwide. With soccer reigning as the world’s most popular sport and tequila’s popularity soaring, it felt like a commitment worth making. Thus, Delantero Group was born and the journey began.

No cutting corners, Delantero Group joined forces with the renowned Feliciano Vivanco y Asociados distillery in the town of Arandas in the Highlands of Jalisco, a fifth-generation agave-growing and -distilling family. This partnership was perfect for crafting traditionally-made artisanal tequila, one that will captivate soccer enthusiasts and players across the globe.

In every drop of Delantero Tequila, you’ll find the fusion of our love for soccer and tequila, crafted with unwavering dedication. 

Ilia Lerner

What Sets Delantero Tequila Apart


Artisanal Craftsmanship

Meticulously crafted in small batches by a fifth-generation agave-growing and -distilling family

Traditional Techniques

Handcrafted with care from time-tested methods and premium ingredients

Premium Agave Selection

Carefully matured agave pinas sourced from our own estate

Double Distillation Process

Ensuring a smooth and refined taste in every bottle by copper stills double distillation

Philanthropic Commitment

Supporting pediatric cancer research through ‘Soccer for Hope’ initiative

Soccer Enthusiast Focus

The first and only tequila brand devoted to soccer players and fans

Renowned Distillery with Time-Honored Production Techniques

Estate Grown Agave
Stone Oven Cooking
Roller Mill Extraction
Stainless Steel Fermentation
Champagne Yeast
Classical Music
Deep Well Water
No Additives

What do Agave Fields and Soccer Fields Have in Commom ? DELANTERO tequila.

Elevating Tequila Experience for Soccer Enthusiasts
The first and only tequila brand devoted to soccer players and fans
The best tequila to sip while watching your favorite team in action
Bringing together the best of soccer and tequila in one bottle

Delantero Group proudly supports “Soccer for Hope” efforts to raise funds for pediatric cancer research

Events sponsorship
Product donation for private auctions
Spreading the word
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